Friday, July 28, 2006

Movies I've seen since the last time I told you about movies I've seen

I'm not much in the writing mood lately so here's Movies I've seen since the last time I told you about the movies I've seen:

The World's Fastest Indian everybody-wants-to-hate-but-has-to-love-adorable-old-man Anthony Hopkins. that's the whole movie. oh ya, he races a speedster motorcycle.
Awesome: I F**kin' Shot That! - Beastie Boys give 50 crappy video cameras to fans.. have them shakily tape a run-of-the-mill Beastie Boys show.
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr. - AWESOME Erroll Morris documentary about an electrician who made death penalty devices for states, then hired to disprove the holocaust, ruining his career and.. well.. quirky coolness.
Protocols of Zion - frustrating documentary wherein director interviews and debates with idiots who believe Jews caused or were aware of 9/11 before it happened.
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story - British mockumentary that's first 20 minutes bored me silly so I stopped watching.
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill - AWESOME documentary on the.. guess? wild parrots of San Francisco's telegraph hill and the quirky dude who takes care of 'em.
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control - AWESOME Erroll Morris documentary. see it.
The Matador - Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinear are fairly entertaining.
Murderball - GREAT documentary on parapalegic wheelchair rugby players.
Underworld: Evolution - I saw the first Underworld, I didn't like it, so why would I rent the second one? I dont know.
16 Blocks - As much as you wanna not like Bruce Willis, he's still got it. Damn entertaining son of a bitch. at what age will you stop being such an awesome bad-ass, Mr. Willis?
Cache - borrrrrring and needlessly artsy. coulda been 25 min's & told the same story.
Madea's Family Reunion - this showed up in the mail, i thought "why the F did I rent this??" and then didn't watch it.
Ultraviolet - Oh Mila. you're still beautiful but you sure do make sucky movies lately.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - AWESOME. Best action movie I've seen this year. Val Kilmner and Robert Downey Jr are (what's the word of the day?) ENTERTAINING beyond belief. see it!
Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic - Who's your favorite sexy comedian Jew? Really?? you said Seinfeld??? what's wrong with you? Ms Silverman made me giggle to tears.
Munich - AWESOME and Highly Accurate rendition of the book I read when I was 14, Vengeance by George Jonas. Wow. See it. great, great movie.
Wet Hot American Summer - HILARIOUS and funny-people-packed summer camp movie.
A History of Violence - Purty good thriller that feels like a gritty novel.
Brokeback Mountain - Yeesh. finally saw it.. what's all the hubbub about bub? Oooh, gay sex, oh no! it must be a controversial and brilliant film! whatever. it was ok.
The Producers - for some reason I rented and returned this without watching.
Everything Is Illuminated - for the same reason I rented and returned this without watching.
Mad Hot Ballroom GREAT documentary on urban schoolkids learning to ballroom dance.
Shopgirl - decent Steve Martin book-to-movie. I'd rather see a the Pleasure of My Company made though.
Dirty Pretty Things - lured in by Audrew Tatuo,.. I still couldn't bring myself to watch it.
Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable - AWESOME ... any/all Eddie Izzard stand up is AWESOME
Aeon Flux Ehhh. sexy looking sci-fi, not so sexy script.
The Weather Man Why do I rent these things if I'm not gonna watch 'em?
Hostel - Good god... horrrrrrrible, lame, not interesting, not scary, just stupid. avoid.
Good Night, and Good Luck Good stuff. a little stuffy & full of itself, but definitely recommended
Stay Pretty good thriller with Ewan McStarWars and other good peoples
Breakfast on Pluto seriously, why rent if I'm not gonna watch? Oh yeah, netflix queue.
The Squid and the Whale For a learned, UES sad-gedy, it was pretty good stuff.
Hustle & Flow It's a hard knock life for a pimp, but darned fun to watch.
King Kong Ohhh good action films, you do so entertain me.
A Sound of Thunder Hmm.. a good back-to-the-future-Oops-you-changed-everything film.
Paradise Now AWESOME and intense movie about two Palestinian "suiciders"
The Legend of Zorro Yeesh. please dont make any more of these. please?
Close-Up it sounds way better than it was: ostensibly a documentary about an impostor of another Iranian director, Mohsen Makhmalbaf. Kirostami's done way better.
The Brown Bunny - bore + ing does not = "controversial". it = avoid.
Bubble - slow but awesome soderberg flick about life in/around a Southern doll factory.
Junebug Hmm.. not the best movie in the world but recommendable, definitely.
Da Ali G Show: Season 2: Disc 2 (2-Disc Series) - AWESOME, as always
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Less entertaining with each new potter incarnation.
Project Grizzly this dude is NUTS, but I didn't need 1.5 hrs to be shown it.
Jarhead AWESOME flick... war sucks.
Prime Rented it, didnt watch it, what made me think I would????
Immortal Very surreal sci-fi flick, part computer animation, part live actors, VERY interesting script. still, somehow slightly hard to sit through.
Domino AWESOME action flick. girls kick ass!
MirrorMask See Immortal and avoid this one.
Broken Flowers The bill murray worship continues... decent, I guess.
The Girl from Monday way low budget and sorta film school feeling. I watch a bit & turned it off
Zathura AWESOME - most underrated flick of the past few years I'd say. EMMININTLY entertaining, fun, great, awesome, all that good stuff. SEE IT.
Thumbsucker Semi-artsy but not too-much-so flick about.. guess... guess??? a thumbsucker
Womb Raider I rented this as a gag - the title is just too funny. the movie turned out to be soft kissy kissy lesbi-porn.
Serenity Good stuff. I didn't see any of the tv series Firefly but ya didn't really need to with the way they did the movie which is always worth a thumbs up to a the director
Doom who doesn't love the Rock? man, he's funny. sadly, this movie was lame (minus the 5 minute first person scene at the end)
The Brothers Grimm read the book.
2046 Slowwwww and not too interesting... i turned it off, I must admit.
The Transporter 2 the first one was Top Notch Action. is there such a thing as bottom notch?
Lord of War Pretty darned good Nick Cage. good bio on the arms trade business.
The Aristocrats Most OVERRATED cult film I've seen in a long time and NO - Bob Sagat is NOT hilarious, just gratuitous and his laughing at how funny he thinks he is makes me wish I were a rattlesnake in his shoe closet.
Melinda and Melinda Funny stuff - when is Will Ferrell NOT funny stuff?
Permanent Midnight I still think drug films are laaaaame. this was no exception, sorry Ben
Sky High decent action hero flick.. fun. very watchable.
Wedding Crashers Overrated. moderately funny but not that funny.
Grizzly Man WOW. Poor Timothy Treadwell, you loved those bears so. they loved eating you so
The Baxter AWESOME .. hilaaaarious! from the kids who brought you Stella.
Saving Face slightly-better-than-decent heartwarming flick.
The Dukes of Hazzard Uncle Jesse is rolling over in his grave.
Stacy You know I LOVES ME the zombie films!! Stacy was... eh... but in normal-movie-rating-mode, that equals AWESOME!
Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi - ok, NO. you've gone too far. see Dogma or Mallrats if you need your Kevin Smith fix.
The Island Not Too Shabby. then again, not too awesome, either.
Fantastic Four GOOD stuff... very entertaining.
Versus: Director's Cut Ehh, they lured me in with hints of zombies. not so.
War of the Worlds Tom Cruise is the Howard Dean of acting
Errol Morris' First Person: The Complete Series: Disc 1-3 (3-Disc Series) AWESOME! MOST ENTERTAINING and bizarelly educational thing I've seen in... ever. My Erroll Morris love is born of this. s-e-e i-t.
Martin & Orloff hilarious and entertainingly annoying. much recommended.
March of the Penguins AWE-cute-SOME. nuff said.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fugging PUKE. what an insult to the original.
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Best of the three, I'd say.
Me and You and Everyone We Know MOST excellent. definitely recommended.
Stealth catch a few minutes of this when it aires on regular TV. Firefox, it is not.
Man with the Screaming Brain Bruce Campbell is my hero. is the man. is THEE man.
Bewitched Nicole Kidman is my daydream wife, but avoid this movie. see the original.
House of Wax Paris Hilton is my daydream goomah, but it wasn't enough to make me see this. Returned it without watching.
Herbie: Fully Loaded Lindsay Lohan is my daydream girl that kissed me at 6 grade camp, but avoid this one too & see the originals... wait.. no need. skip the originals too.
Kingdom of Heaven blehhh. Kingdom of chick flick masquerading as historical drama/action.
The Ladies Man Oh Tim Meadows... why aren't you in more movies?

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