Thursday, July 20, 2006

Amsterdam .. Esra's pictures part 1

the first of the Amsterdam pictures.. the view from our patio, out back from the room we stayed in for the first 5 days.

my favorite car in the world and a Persian market and I'm in Amsterdam. Could it be more perfect? Well, ok.. I could be getting mobbed by a naked Dutch girls soccer team. that happened a different day.

heading into town on our first day. I know I dont look thrilled but I am. I'd guess that Esra made me pose for 5 minutes while she got 'the perfect shot'.

Surinam is to Amsterdam what Thailand is to San Francisco. ok, that was a little vague... there's Surinamese food everywhere.

One of the many beautimus buildings in Amsterdam.

Look how freakin' cute Esra is! No, really. LOOK, damn it.

they call these bi-cy-cles. I'm not sure what they do.

I would give a million billion dollars of your money to be here right now.

I think these are some of the original locks (?) They were near the outer rings of the city, so it'd make sense.

Artsy fartsy photo taking to the rescue!

those same locks from a different angle. sigh. y'know if I lived there, I could.. y'know... see this stuff all the time.

Esra's camera's brain decided that the building to the left, built in 1690 was more photo worthy than my head. I'm inclined to agree.

Esra in a cool alley.

Esra in a cool alley, part 2.

If I hadn't cut off Esra's face, this would be the coolest photo in the world! the WORLD I tell you!
This one too. little did I know (or check) but Esra's camera has something on it called... what's th.. oh yeah ZOOM. and... it seems you have to set said zoom before taking a picture. The one armed bandit does not acknowledge such photographic specializations.

Old & new. Who doesn't love a good crane. Crane-haters, that's who.

the view from Hennie's kitchen window. Hennie, being the nicest boarding lady y'ever could hope for.

there's Hennie now.
and Esra's friend Raymond, down from Rotterdam to hang with us. And the other boarder staying in Hennie's flat, Salvador. When Salvador first arrived, I'd heard his voice before seeing him - I would have bet $100 that it was a woman speaking.

Raymond and I on one of Amsterdam's 2481 bridges.

I'm not sure who these people are but they're crazy hot.

Flowers for Hennie for being so awesome. Really. if you need a place to stay in Amsterdam, we can hook you up with her.

Esra made me pose in front of this wall.. something about good colors, something something. Sometimes I just dont ask, I just do.

Ducks build makeshift nests on floating debris or little rafts people leave out for them.

Or styrofoam.

It seems that their bedroom is in the boat but the patio is the styrofoam.

Sooo freakin' cute it's almost enough to want to jump in and hang out with them.

More cool buildings, probably built before Columbus was in utero.

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