Friday, July 07, 2006

cam-ruh-fone pic-chyuz... part 1 and a .. ok, just 1

something is was wrong with the interface i use to upload pictures so i had to split the pics into 3 posts. infuriating! i know! I'm making you Page Down through them. you can punch me in the arm next time you see me.

Fireworks from my roof signal the end of Gay Pride week in New York. This is the 3rd year I've seen 'em and they're the f'n best.. perfectly framed between two tall buildings, I call them the Big Gay Fireworks.



BOOM! ohhh the sound reverberations. I'm sure you can imagine (the sounds bouncing off of hundreds of building surfaces)

the finale? maybe.

sometimes blur is a good thing.

no fireworks here... Empire State Bldg in red/white/blue, Metropolitan life bldg in blue & white to the right of it. a 'new' (and 3 years empty) luxury loft bldg in white to the far left. warning: exploring the link to the bldg will make you murderously envious of rich people who can afford to live there.

Ukranian Day festival. awesome dancing and clothes and food. oh and oompa-pa-ish music.

see? dancing.

Saturday (smalltime) fireworks from a different rooftop BBQ in brooklyn!

Yep. t'was a rooftop-bbq-filled wknd.

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