Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Amsterdam .. Esra's pictures part 3

Something appears to be really funny. It's probably me.
Oh my god, Kory's captions are HIL-AAAA-Rious!!!! Hooo! Oh, hey, look out the window. it's a bridge! see what I mean? hilaaarious.
The girls pose it up in the houseboat. Hey look, it's still the bridge outside! ok, fine - bridges aren't funny.
In Vondelpark. I'd give your... lessee.. what do you have left? umm... let's go with your right boob, y'know.. for symmetry... to be there right now.

Esra eats alien fruit that she first had in Malaysia (but which I now associate with Amsterdam) - rambutan - ever heard of it? Good stuff.

Hay-Ohhh. the one armed bandit snaps a blurry-but-otherwise-perfect-one-arm-er. Damn you're good, One Armed Bandit.
These ducks swam away from me in the middle of a conversation.

Esra had to hold me back from jumping in and kicking their asses. I do not take social snubs lightly. nice reflection, eh?

I was told later that Dutch water conducts reflection better than American waters. The person who told me this wore a very official looking white suit with arm straps, so I was inclined to believe him.

Esra hides in almost plain sight in the Vondelpark rose garden.

Let's see... trading... your... how'bout your 401k. Yes.. your 401k to be there right now.

I play chef making brussel sprouts with Jutterje (tastes like a refined perfection of Jager) and balsamic vinegar and .. 3 other dishes, none of which rocked the house(boat) like the brussel sprouts.

Sandy's laughing. I must have said something hilarious.

Dylan waits for food and photos.

And photos of food. and us. delicious delicious us.
Marisa demonstrates the fine Dutch art of of venetian blind raising.

Papa (or mama?) mallard takes the long voyage across the canal to look cute & score more food from us.

the view out the front of the houseboat. hey, look! the bridge.

juggling is considered the sport of kings in Holland.

Esra's perfect day - kickin' back by the canal, beer in hand (well.. close to hand), reading, relaxing, sunning. Most importantly, sunning.

I have nothing funny to say here. Only your kidneys to trade.

the little paddleboats are the bumbling-tourists of the canal waters. Big yet nimble canal boats raider shoulder them aside with often comical results (to me, probably frightful results to the paddleboaters)

Some paddeboaters just give up and steer for the walls. the rental companies come get them at the end of the day.

Old and new. - ... make that new and old. Yes, that building was built in 1724.

I think this was my favorite houseboat of the canal cruise. not visible to the left is probably another 50 feet worth of (the same) houseboat. Yeah. hee-uuge.

the Amstel river leading into Amsterdam and the canal cruise. even the boring stuff is beautiful. and not boring.

3 or 4 types of building architecture, side by side.

Bridges. pretty.

Artsy photo taking sometimes demands that safety NOT come first. (I am hanging out the side of the boat here)

built in 1590. repeat: 1590

Canal cruise sunset(ish).

Esra peeps in on Marisa who unlike a good victim of peeping-Tom-ery, waves enthusiastically at us.

At the front door of our houseboat, looking left. you're seriously running out of body parts.

Awwww. Friends.

A great pic, if I do say so myself even if I didn't take it myself even if it looks like I might have one armed it myself.

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