Friday, July 21, 2006

Amsterdam .. Esra's pictures part 2


Raymond took us out to an amazing Indonesian dinner. Good lord it was good.

After dinner, we headed back to the bar that ended up being across the street from our houseboat & had a drink. There was a guy playing keyboard with a lady (not this one pictured) singing - normally, public singing is enough to annoy me right out of a place.. the fact that it was all in Dutch just made it... cute. Oh and we were nicely buzzed on delicious beers. This lady (pictured) took the mic in between songs and with a little "do you know ___?" to the keyboardist, belted out some awesome tunes. Here, she's singing a song about Amsterdam.. coincidentally called "En Amsterdam".

One of a million billion amazing churches we ran across.

Speaking of churches.. these automats were my holy shrine to deliciousness. See all those little windows? They all contain tastiness! All of them. Get some coins and go nuts.

Esra tries her hand at guessing what the hell she's about to eat. She proclaimed the verdict to be: Scrumptious.

The one-armed bandit, now refreshed by automatty goodness, springs into rare form - capturing in the picture everything he intended to.

No, just one more! no, it's ok, really. We've done so much walking! we're gonna ... Hey, look over there - something distracting! [plink go the coins!]
As if to prove how small Amsterdam is (or how much we really walked last time I was here).. I found another of my well-remembered places. It's not 100% clear, but that's a Moby-Dick-ish (hee hee) whale planter.

The cool shopping road leading from cheese shop to the whale.

Esra makes a friend near the whale.

I have no pants on in this photo. Shhhhh!!

Window shutters! it doesn't get much more Dutch than this.

A piece of one of the few moveable bridges (near our houseboat).
Ok, this isnt the real poezenboat - (which just got towed away, it seems cats dont pay rent too well) - sidenote, there's a lotta cats in Amsterdam. people let 'em roam around, it's awesome (for me)

All over Amsterdam, buildings will often have a graphic sign placed on the stone placed either on the house's front gable or lower (here) that told a quick tale of what that family might have done for a living. This family apparently made horses.

Our favorite tree, on the way to & from Hennie's place.

Kickin' it canal-side.

Looking super cool, canal-side.

Esra calls upon the power of the sun.
I would give your left boob to be right there right now.
Rembrantplein (park)

Esra tried to steal this statue but settled on a different one.

outside the Rijksmuseum Oh wait, that's me!

Esra strikes the statue's pose.

I am (sterdam) kinda annoyed 'cause I had to pose and pose again for 5 full minutes so Esra could get the perfect shot that wasn't perfect. I swear, woman! I love ya but just take the damn photo!
I made Esra backtrack about 10 blocks so she could take a picture of this cool statue I ran across.

"We've secretly replaced all Dutch flowers with these wooden flowers.. let's see if they notice!"

So many churches, they grow on trees! HA! Ah. ha. ... ha. ha ha. umm... ....ha?

Still life with cafe accoutrements
Many believe this to be a monument to Amsterdam's sex industry (no really, they do). It's actually the national monument to the victims of WWII. It just.. um.. happens to look like ... well... yeah.
Pictured to the right is the Hotel Krasnapolsky
In that hotel is the Winter Gardens.. the glass roof pictured here.
And hooooooo! who's got the artsy photoness goin' on??? The camera is actually upside down & pointed at a huge mirror. One armed photo mastery!! Holllllannnnd!

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