Thursday, July 06, 2006

cam-ruh-fone pic-chyuz... part 2


the Ukranian Day festival continues, with awesome Ukranian church in the background.

I got a picture of Singing Scotty! wait, did i post this before? who cares - there he is again with his belly and his jamba juice cup filled with 7-up and gin. he sang The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow, as per his contractual obligations to craziness.

Sunday rooftopness. And BBQness. From my volleyball teammate Mike's rooftop in Long Island City.

This and the two shots below are a panorama from left to right.

panorama middle

panorama right.
Esra tries to capture lightning flashes. It started to lightly rain but we all just stood & got a little wet. You know that perfect type of light rain and warm weather that feels nice together? oh ya, and we were drinking.

Lightning watchers. pictured in the background from left to right is the Empire State Bldg, some big black bldg, the Chrysler bldg aaaannnd.. who cares what the others are?

More lightning watchin'.

Annnnd ... the evening came on like this. except that this photo doesn't even do it 1/10th the justice it deserves. Maybe Esra's photos will get closer to what it was really like.

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