Monday, July 10, 2006

Listicle 16.9ŀ

˚˚˚˚˚ Every commercial should start out with this sentence. I think the last line is from the Bible. or maybe not. seriously, watch it for the first line at least.

˚˚˚˚˚ OhMyGodohmygodOH0HYgod I'm not sure if I could be more excited! well, ok, maybe. right now though, at this moment? the T demands my allegiance.

˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ This paragraph.. this ... I cant.. whu... I ... quick.. where's my trashcan?! The first order of business is catching a chicken. Dwight [Yoakam] runs around in his backyard with his arms outstretched. His favorite technique is to corner a hen and leap on it. When he catches one, he inserts the chicken, beak-first, into an old fashioned laundry-wringer (the same one that his grandma, who sang briefly with the Carter Family and who bought young Dwight his first hammer dulcimer, used to launder baby Dwight's drawers) and turns the crank until a "chicken pancake" comes out the other side. Next, he uses an empty tin can to cut out "chicken circles" from the pancake. He pokes his finger through each chicken circle to create a "chicken ring."

˚˚˚˚˚˚ Get a rake, do some art, .. take pictures of it from a kite - good stuff.

˚˚˚˚˚ I dont normally go in for these, but - holy - swimming - eyeballs- . watch a bit, then look at something else.

˚˚˚˚˚ I'm gonna ride this thing down 5th Avenue's sidewalks. I hope it's got a horn. Other awesomely strange vehicles. (I really do want one of these someday)

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