Wednesday, July 05, 2006

cam-ruh-fone pic-chyuz... part 3


obligatory shot of the boys! sleep is a cuteness intensity magnifier.

Esra and I at Sunken Forrest on Fire Island. All of Fire Island, I was told, is accessible (only) by those wooden walkways.
Despite massive protests by concerned citizens, the one armed bandit was not banned from entering the Sunken Forrest.

4th of July from the same (as 3 nights prior) Brooklyn rooftop. clear picture, huh? c'mon! whadaya expect? this is me taking pictures.
4th of July fireworks from the Brooklyn rooftop or .. maybe Fallujah. some say the difference isn't worth mentioning. I'm not sure who those people are or why they say it.

Why does the balloon warehouse have to be in frickin' Harlem??? Grrrr.

This girl is a super-mega-bitch for almost accidentally getting in my way for this photo. Or, she's completely innocent. You decide!

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